About Us
Randy Morris
I am the Photographer, Editor and Creative drive behind
RandyMorrisPhoto.Com. While I am reletively new to professional
photography I have always loved photography for two reasons.

First is what most people take pictures for, to show something to others
that I thought worthy of sharing. This could be showing someone a way of
seeing something in a different light both literally and figuratively. We often
take for granted the things around us and it can be fun and exciting to see
them for the first time.

But second is the desire to touch people in a way that they may not be able
to fully understand. Maybe there's a story in the photo with many endings
which makes them wonder. Maybe there is a moment in time that is captured
that presents a range of emotions that can only be surmised like the Mona

In any photographic endeavor I try to capture the traditional essence as
well as a more modern and creative spirit. Let's see what kind of unique
expression we can create together.

Thanks for letting me be your photographer,
Randy Morris